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About Us (Me)

I began my career in construction in the flooring industry in 1980 as a union apprentice learning to install linoleum and vinyl composition tile (VCT).

After a year, I became a journeymen in the floor layers local of the carpentry union in Cleveland Ohio and began doing mostly commercial work through out the Cleveland and surrounding areas.

In 1982 work slowed and I was forced to go to work for American Greetings In Brooklyn Ohio until 1985, which is when AG decided to send their printing presses south (to a non union state) and lay off a large amount of their work force including me.

Three months later with no prospect of work in sight I relocated to Raleigh NC, where I began working for New York Carpet World installing linoleum in residential homes. After about 8 months I partnered with a carpet installer, he taught me to install carpet, I taught him to install linoleum.

1987 I return to Cleveland and begin working for Carpet Barn and Tile House, a year later I begin working for Crown Carpet In Euclid Ohio at which time I purchased my first home and began remodeling and found myself remodeling for my family and freinds as well.

1990 met my present wife while tiling her tub enclosure also began kitchen remodels and building garages as well as whole house remodels. 

What We Do

What we do, is all those things that nobody wants to do, plus all those things you don't know how to do.

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About Us (Me)

The short version is - I have been in construction my whole life.

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