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Screenshot Template ID Description Price
10fwp 10 Foot wall post for property boardering main streets, sign will hang over wall 55.00
6ftcus 6 foot custom color post 50.00
6ftwh 6 foot white sign post installed 45.00
Comm Commercial sign post any size and dimension Call for prices
EXMILES Charge for Mileage Outside the East Valley 25.00
EXMILESOPMA Charge for Milage Outside the Phoenix Metro Area 50.00
FLBX One time fee to include a flyer box with your post installation 12.50
INTB One time fee to include an information tube with your post installation 12.50
LoSP Cost to replace lost or stolen posts (plus milage charge outside the East Valley) 100.00
MoRP Cost to move or reinstall a post (plus milage charge outside the East Valley) 35.00
PRpM Cost to renew post per-month price 10.00
PUaD Pick up and delivery of your sign (your sign picked up and hung for you or avoid this charge by storing your signs with us for free) 35.00
Trip Trip charge for returning to property for any reason (plus milage for outside the East Valley) 50.00

Sun Canyon Sign Posts

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